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The Bretting Texan Ranch Family

Victor Bretting-- Bretting Texan Ranch Owner

Victor Bretting


Victor is a native of Texas and has been hunting since his early teens. His uncle took Victor on his 1st deer hunt when he was 13. He shot his 1st Texas Exotic over 25 years ago which was an Axis, Blackbuck, and a Fallow deer. He and his wife started hunting internationally over 10 years and have harvested over 125 different species of animals from over 6 continents. His love for the sport led to acquiring the Bretting Texan Ranch to help preserve the hunting heritage for his grandkids and the generations to come. Please come join us on the ranch for some good hunting where lifelong friends are made!

Taylor Sherrill-- B-Tex Wildlife Manager and Bretting Texan Ranch Guide

Taylor Sherrill

B-Tex Wildlife Manager and Guide 

Taylor is coming up on his sixth year of service in the Air Force. He grew up loving the sports of hunting and fishing. He has gone from harvesting his first boar at the age of six to now hunting many different native and exotic species all over North America and Africa. For Taylor, hunting is more than just a sport. It is about having great people around him to show the true joy of hunting. Taylor wants to keep the culture of the outdoors alive and help others create a pathway to fulfill lifetime memories.

Hunter Sherrill-- B-Tex Technical Services Manager and Bretting Texan Ranch Guide

Hunter Sherrill

B-Tex Technical Services Manager and Guide

Hunter is currently a Clinical Research Coordinator. Although currently working in the city, Hunter grew up in the outdoors, and cannot imagine any other place he would rather be. Hence his name, Hunter has been hunting his entire life, harvesting wild-life in the state of Texas, but also in the continent of Africa. Having been blessed with family and friends that love the outdoors, has allowed Hunter to learn that hunting is not just a sport; it is an avenue to learn values that can be used in life, as well as a means to explore God's creation. To him hunting is truly a passion. 

Holden Prince is a Hunting Guide for Bretting Texan Ranch

Holden Prince

B-Tex Guide

Holden is currently a welder and attends Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas. Holden can't ever remember a time where he was not hunting and fishing. Between, deer leases, duck hunting, managing wildlife, and Africa hunting--- these experiences have provided him with new friends, mentors, lifelong stories to tell around the campfire and many lessons. When asked about his love for hunting Holden says:

"My love for hunting stemmed from my dad and grandfathers. The lessons they taught me include not just the mechanics of hunting, but ethics, values, and respect for wildlife. As I have grown I have experienced first hand that the memory of the animal harvested is great but the memories made with friends and family out in the field are the best."

Holden is passionate about sharing his love for the outdoors and helping others create wonderful memories of their own. 

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