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Trophy Ram Hunting at the Bretting Texan



Here at the B-tex Ranch we pride ourselves in our family-friendly environment, affordable prices, and of course our wildlife. We offer a large variety of trophy rams that are sure to create classic hunting tales and add some much needed uniqueness to your wall of whitetail. Here at the Bretting Texan Ranch we offer an all exclusive trophy sheep package so that you and a loved one can both experience the thrill of harvesting a trophy ram.  

Below are some images of the trophies we offer and their prices. If there is a ram you wish you could add to your trophy room that you do not see below give us a call! We are always interested in expanding the variety of wildlife we can offer and making your dream hunt come true. 

Texas Dall Ram Hunting

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We are located 2 hours outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and just 1.5 hours outside of the Oklahoma border. 

Aoudad Hunting Near me

RAM PRICE: $2, 950
OVER 28 INCHES: $3,950

EWES: $550


These animals are native to northern Africa but have been able to thrive in Texas and other dry climates since being brought over after World War II. Aoudad's are a relatively large sheep with horns curving outward, backward, and then inward and marked with strong transverse wrinkles. The horns of females are similar but smaller than those of males. Their long tail reaches nearly to the hocks and sports long hairs on the terminal half. Mature males have a conspicuous growth of long hair on the throat, chest, and upper parts of front legs, often referred to as “chaps". A big ram can weigh more than 300 lbs., with most mature rams weighing between 200 to 250 pounds on the hoof. Mature rams (8 to 12 years of age) will have horn bases with circumferences of 12 to 15 inches and an overall horn length of somewhere between 27 to 34 inches.

Corsican Ram Hunting

Corsican Ram

PRICE: $950 to $2, 750 +

The Corsican Rams are hybrid sheep that originated in Texas. This is an excellent species to hunt all year round, and Corsican Rams are the most hunted exotic animal throughout North America. The rams (males) can reach 160 pounds, where the ewes (female) typically reach 90 pounds. Both rams and ewes have horns. These rams vary in their pattern color appearing in different combinations of light or dark brown, white, black or all of the above. Hunting the Corsican Ram can be both exhilarating and challenging, as they require patience to track and are able to quickly herd together, making a clear shot more difficult. Typically, the Corsicans are more active in the early and late hours when the temperatures are cooler.

Texas Dall Ram Hunting

Texas Dall Ram

PRICE: $950 to $2, 750 +

The Texas Dall Sheep, a member of the Corsican Ram family, is one of the most hunted of all the exotics in the United States.The Texas Dall Sheep was derived from cross breading Corsican and Mouflon Sheep. The Texas Dall Sheep is completely white.  The hooves and horns are colorless as well, making this animal truly remarkable and beautiful. The Texas Dall Sheep weighs between 130 and 160 lbs. The males have horns that can weigh 30 pounds, which is more than all the bones in their body combined. Females, called ewes, also have horns but are much smaller than the ram. Male Dall Sheep are called Rams and feature rounded horns that make for a very attractive and exotic mount.

Black Hawaiian Ram Hunting

Black Hawaiian Ram

PRICE: $950 to $2, 750 +

The Hawaiian Black Ram is a member of the Corsican Ram family. This species is black from head to hoof, with a splash of white on the muzzle. Black Hawaiian Sheep weigh between 130 and 160 pounds. The typical horn length is typically 14 inches and up, and can reach up to 35 inches.  Female Black Hawaiian Sheep, called ewes, also have horns that are smaller. 

Painted Desert Ram Hunting

Painted Desert Ram

PRICE: $950 to $2, 750 +

The Painted Desert Ram is in the Corsican Sheep Family. The Painted Desert can be any color or combination of colors, including red, black, gold, brown, etc. and can have oval or splashy markings, much like a paint horse. Many of these sheep are tri-colored or quad-colored. Many people think the cape from one of these animals are very striking. They average in weight from 85-135 pounds. These Rams have large horns. It takes several years for these rams to reach trophy length. Their horns are very massive and some horn lengths have been recorded to reach over 40 inches. Some of these rams will have a long mane hanging from their neck. These rams are a great way to add more color to your already existing collection of mounts. 

Texas Ibex Hunting

Texas Ibex

PRICE: $3,250 +

The Texas Ibex, is a cross species that captures the best of both worlds----- the large horns and beard of the Persian Ibex and the beautiful color of a Catalina goat. Unlike most goat crosses the male, Texas Ibex can weigh between 130 to 160 pounds. This species horn's stay on year round and continues to grow throughout their life-time; usually up to 26-34 inches. Hence it's name, this animal is a popular exotic species in Texas which is why the Bretting Texan Ranch is the perfect place for your next Texas Ibex trophy.

Snow Urial Hunting in Texas

Snow Urial

PRICE: $3,250 +

The Snow Urial is a unique cross between the Alaskan Dall and the Transcaspian Urial. Due to their large background of cross-breeding the Snow Urial's color varies from a lite tan or blonde color to snow white. They possess very heavy horns that grow throughout their entire lives and are uniquely composed of massive bases and a deep curl. Not only do these horns look majestic, they also serve a mechanical function of dampening the powerful impacts that arise from ramming other mature rams. 

Spanish Hybrid Ibex Hunting near me

Hybrid Spanish Ibex

PRICE: $1,500 to $3,250 +

The Spanish Hybrid Ibex is a cross between a domestic goat and a wild Bezoar Ibex. These animals are big goats, that reach a shoulder height of up to 5.5 feet. The males normally grow larger and heavier than the females, and usually weigh between 100 and 265 pounds. Despite their size, the enormous horns of the Spanish Hybrid Ibex are its claim to fame. Their scythe-shaped horns extend from the forehead and curve backward. Depending on the genetics, their horns can have a slight curl or a tight curl. The Spanish Hybrid Ibex are typically light tan to medium brown with dark brown or black legs and shoulders. The color found on their legs typically extends into the underbelly or even form a "collar" around the neck. Possessing graceful agility and powerful legs, the Spanish Hybrid Ibex will be sure to provide a memorable hunt!

Mouflon Sheep Hunting

Mouflon Ram

PRICE: $1,500 to $3,250 +

One of the two primary ancestors of modern sheep, the mouflon are a species of wild sheep. Their short, reddish-brown coat has a dark stripe along the middle and a very unique whitish saddle like patch on their sides.  The horns of a Mouflon ram are balanced, striking, and beautiful. The males horns have' huge, sickle-shaped horns which are valued by trophy hunters across the world. The horns curl one full revolution at maturity (most horns will measure 20-29 inches and exceptional racks of horns will measure 26-33 inches in length). The base of a Mouflon ram's horns may be 8 or more inches in circumference. If you are a fan of the classics, this majestic ram is for you!

Hunting Season

Packages, Miscellaneous Fees & Disclaimers

Two Trophy Sheep Package

  • $4,895

  • 2 days and 1 night of Lodging including meals and beverages

  • 1-on-1 guide

  • Complimentary gun and bow range

*Please see below Miscellaneous Fees and Disclaimers below

* Caping for taxidermy $50 (Excluding the head).


* Non-hunting guests are $150 per day per guest.


* DFW airport round trip pick up $200.


* Dallas Love Field Round trip pick up $250.

* Gratuities to the staff and guides are greatly appreciated.


*A wounded animal is charged the same as a kill.  We will do our best to locate the animal; but unfortunately, there are no guarantees on wounded game.


*We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all reservations. A minimum of a 30-day notice must be given for any reschedules and can only be rescheduled with-in our availability, one time. All balances must be paid in full 30 days prior to the hunt. We accept cash, wire transfer, and credit cards.

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